Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Starting A New - Existing Business

Starting a new business brings joy, excitement, and yes, a bit of anxiety too. We decided to start a blog so you can share in our journey as the "new" Scrapbook Store evolves.  As time passes, we will be slowly adding to the sidebars to reveal pictures and surprises.  We have many new and fresh ideas, we can hardly think of which to start first!

For those that do not know, we decided to purchase the Scrapbook Store, since the original owner decided to retire after 14 years of business.  Many people have asked us why we are keeping the "old" name, which admittedly is not very original, but, we decided to keep it because of the longevity of the store and it's history as one of the original scrapbook stores in the Midwest, and, of course there is the Google factor.  Who do you think pops up first when Scrapbook Stores in Wisconsin is typed into that little bar???  You guessed it!!  So, the Scrapbook Store it is!!

While we plan to keep much the same, we will also be focusing on events, classes and krops.  There are other goodies in store that we can't reveal yet, but feel free to stop back any time for updates. 

We hope to post all the trials, mishaps, and hopefully much success in our journey.

Check back and please feel free to share your comments and advice!

I'll leave you today with a couple funzies you might see at our new store; 

Here's the outside address - 4466 South 108th Street!!!
That silly guy is Bob, Angie's husband. I don't know too many guys still in such a good mood after putting in about 12 hours of new construction!!!!


  1. Wow the background and the flooring looks different already from what I saw last! And I see 2x4 framing for a fun little wall......WHO HOO! So glad you guys are posting here!

  2. You guys are already coming up with great ideas! Can hardly wait until the store opening ~ C U There!

  3. So glad you stated the blog. Love the logo. I will follow along on the journey for sure. Hope all goes well!

  4. Can't wait for the new reveal...Good luck with all the excitement in fulfilling your dreams!! So excited for you both!!

  5. Love the logo and the colors. I'm excited for the new store.

  6. Can't wait for the Grand Opening. Like the logo change and new colors. You're sneak peeks have me guessing what the decor will be. Congrats and much success!!!

  7. Congrats girls!! I LOVE the new logo and I cant wait to come to your store. :) I wish you much luck and energy as you finish all the hard work opening your very own store!!