Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coming Soon!

We've been working on re-doing our website lately.  Within a couple weeks, you should be able to shop from our online store for all those items that are hard to find!  Also, if you get stumped and can't think of an idea for that special page, we will be featuring our inspiration gallery.   Simply click on the Inspiration button and you will be directed to some super cute page ideas, using the product in our store!  Below is an example of what you will find!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long Journey...HUGE Success!!!!

If someone would have told me three months ago that I would be a business partner with Angie Krohn and we would be owners of The Scrapbook Store, the oldest scrapbook store (and the best) in the midwest, I would have said they were crazy. 
But here we are...after a lot of hard work by so many people, tons of sweat and a few tears, but no blood (that I'm aware of at least), our store is finished!  Of course, to us it will always be a work in progress, since we will continue to change things up a bit to keep things fresh and new.  We will continuously be adding the latest and greatest ideas, techniques, classes and inventory to our creation.
When I stand back and look the store, I still can't believe where we are from where we started.  Bob Krohn and his crew, did a fabulous job as you can see...just look at the transformation:

Our retro kitchen!

And the crowd went wild!!
Debbie thought it appropriate to have a ribbon cutting ceremony, so that's just what we did.  At 10am, Saturday the 23rd of October, Angie and I cut the ribbon, unlocked the doors, and got out of the way!  Here are some pictures of the line outside the doors, the ribbon cutting and the opening of the doors;
Since we had such a great staff at the previous store, we decided to keep them on.  Here are a couple of ole' timers at The Scrapbook Store;
The day was filled with food, shopping, make and takes and door prizes!
And while the ladies did all that, the guys hung out watching the game in the man cave for hours...
...or six, like this guy!  What a trooper!
The cake was beautiful, even thought it was gone before Angie and I got a piece.  We got it from here.  She makes any cake with any decoration you'd like!
We do appologize for the loooonngg lines!  We thought we would be busy on our opening, but we never could have prepared for this and we truly appreciate your understanding;
If you did not have time to stand in line, please come back and visit again!  And if you did make it through, we thank you and invite you to come back and check out our new arrivals!!  New packages are arriving almost daily!!  Here's a peak of new Webster's Pages;
AND...Here's something fun;

The first reactions to our Scrapbook Store were very welcomed from you, our loyal customers, and we are forever greatful!

Just go ahead and read some of the awesome comments we found on facebook;

Flo Mielcarek What a Grand Grand Opening! Had a blast on Saturday - the make and take's were great and the food was so appreciated since I spent over 3 hours there! Can't wait to use the wonderful classroom facilities! Thanks!

Katie Wilinski Dynek Had an amazing time to cropping in all the excitment! To Angie & Beth, as well as everyone that helped today YOU GUYS DID GREAT! Can't wait to take so classes!!

SueAnne Beecher Love the new store. Beth and Angie and everyone that helped with all the work getting ready for today did such a fabulous job. The colors and aches make it so inviting. The crop room is so big and roomie. Had a great time there today scrapp'n and enjoying all the fun. The layout makes it so easy to find just the righ...t paper with matching embellishments. Everyone wearing the same shirt with the store logo was a great idea. Wish I could just move in and stay. Thanks ladies.

Luanne Heil Congrats on the Grand Opening! I was there and the store looks awesome and had some great fun stuff in it.

Olga H. Ludena Congratulations, everything was wonderful, proof of that... I was in the shop 6 hours, cozy and elegant decor, I liked the idea of the cave man, my father enjoyed the corner, a lovely service and all the girls who work in the store were willing to help and if I needed anything they were always there, I loved the they looked so pretty please you need to sale the t-shirts, even enjoy waiting in line an hour to pay, gave me a chance to meet several very nice ladies I got stamping techniques. the draw was very charming, the microphone was perfect so we could hear from all areas, it was like being among friends, I was part of their history ... I was the first to enter after they cut the ribbons, the most amusing part... After all the hours at the shop I was trying to go home and turned on the car, we left the keys inside and the doors locked,and Angie ( one of the shop owners) solved the problem, with all the personal attention I received I will return again and again. ready to attend classes, thank you, God always bless you for offering a place to relieve the stresses of work.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crunch Time!!!

3 days left (oops, I guess it's actually 2 days now).  We are keeping busy working pretty much around the clock putting finishing touches on the store.  I guess a store like this is pretty much always a work in progress simply because of all the daily product coming in the door and because of how much scrapbooking continues to evolve.  Our goal is to have something for every kind of scrapbooker from the simple to intricate.  We also plan on carrying a nice supply of stamping product, starting small and eventually expanding once we know what our customers want us to carry.  This is why your suggestions are so important to us, so please, feel free to comment anytime you wish with new ideas for product, classes, etc.  So much of out inventory was based on your suggestions.  Please also keep in mind that if you don't see what you are looking for in our store, it can most likely be ordered.  Very soon, we will also introduce our online store which is in the works right now.  We have many other new ideas in the works and will reveal them as they come to life, so keep checking back here for the latest information!

Here are a couple displays of some of the areas of the store.  We hope to see you all Saturday!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

So Close.....the countdown begins!

We could never have gotten this far without all the people that have come forth to volunteer to help us build the best scrapbook store ever. We've pretty much had an open door policy as far as help was concerned at the store.  You show up, and we'll put you to work.  There always seems to be something to do.  We've had builders, electricians, plumbers, computer geeks, a few jack-of-all-trades (Bob, Mike, Eddie, to name a few), and so many more.  We've had many "helpers" doing random things like painting, cleaning, assembly, and the list goes on and on.  This is probably our smallest helper, Matthew, putting all the American Craft markers in order.  Thanks Matthew, and everyone else that has been so wonderful...we owe you all and are forever grateful!  

Look at all these beautiful colors!  We've finally begun putting product up!    SO MUCH FUN!!

One last thing, if you are not a friend of ours on Facebook, join now and be sure to check it at noon on the 17th for a grand opening contest!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Check it out!!

We have signage!!!  And it looks so nice!  It's so weird, but I was on my way to the scrapbook store this morning, and looked over at this big truck driving next to me and happened to see the huge Scrapbook Store sign.  It was pretty cool.  Then, when I went back tonight, there it was, hanging on the building. 

So, here is our store sign.  And if you zoom in, there is my Uncle Bob standing in front of the store.  Hi Uncle Bob!!

Here is our street sign...Love it!!!  We may need to do a little bit of landscaping though, I'm not diggin' all the weeds.
This picture is a tad dark, but isn't this a charming little corner?? Another one of Angie's creations!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


We're so excited to announce the Grand Re-Opening of the new Scrapbook Store!  Keep open October 23rd for a ton of fun, prizes, and make and takes!  We have a full day planned and can't wait to see all our loyal, dedicated customers at our new location!  More details will follow, so keep checking back!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kick-butt Classroom!!

This is not the best video...had to use my phone, but this is what Alyssa, Sue, Rhonda and I were doing tonight.  192 table legs screwed into 48 classroom tables!  How efficient are we??

And here is a quick look at the classroom, that will comfortably seat 48 scrapbookers...can't wait.  Check back tomorrow for big announcement!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things are Changing....

Here's a little peak into our "Man Cave"!  They can watch the game while you cool is that??

This picture is very deceiving. It may not look like it, but this is a pic of 192 table legs.  Guess what I'm doing tomorrow???? 

AND LOOK AT THIS!!!  (I'm talking about the floor, ladies).  Bob and his guys installed the floor in record time, and it looks beautiful!  We're soooooo excited about our classroom!!

This is one of our mascots, Corky.  I'm not a dog lover, but She can hang out here anytime.  Oh, and that's our classroom...just a sneak-peak.

And, last, but not least, Thanks to Gail, Bob, Kristi, and Angie for putting together these 40 comfy!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I only have time for a quick post tonight since I am thoroughly exhausted and need sleep!!!  I spent the weekend washing and moving paper racks...a gruelling task, I might add.  Thanks to Morgan, Donna, Alyssa, Penny and Sara for the help this weekend.  You gals are the best.  So, we have good news and bad news.....

Good news:  Look at these rockin' classroom chairs!!!  40 very comfy chairs for our rather large classroom...(pics are in the near future.  Right now it is storage for paper racks).  Thanks to Gail who volunteered to put these puppies together...we'll see how many she can do..hee hee.

Good news:  This is a picture of ...well, you'll have to wait and see.  Can I just say, it's a beautiful creation by Angie.
OK... here's the bad news story:  This is Tom (that's not the bad news).  Tom is our computer geek (also our Donna's hubby).  Tom looks happy in this picture.  Tom is faking that smile because our computer system is a nightmare right now.  Tom spent hours at the store tonight trying to get things working.  Tom could not get the cash drawer to pop open for hours (neither could Mike nor Eddie yesterday).  Tom finally got the drawer to pop, but then couldn't get it to close.  Tom is Awesome.  I have faith in Tom, and we will triumph!!!  The End!
One final note:  Does anyone out there want to buy a paper rack or two or three or more??  They are metal 12x12 paper racks that have 20 spaces each.  They're super sturdy and are stackable.  Cost is $50.00 for one and $80.00 for two.  If you are interested, email us at !