Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tim Holtz - 12 Tags of Christmas!! And...A Contest!!!!

This is something you've got to do!  Beginning today, The Tim Holtz annual 12 Tags of Christmas begins! Don't miss out on this creative journey that begins with an inspiring 60 second video. Crank up your speakers and enjoy. Go to Tim's blog at .   Many customers have asked for a list of supplies that Tim will be using. This was Tim's response;

here's the deal - i use so many different products on the tags, that it's hard to suggest a specific product or color. for example, if i said i was using crackle paint, then the questions would be what colors, how many tags will it be used on, etc? if the stores order up on crackle and i only end up using a bit of it on a grungeboard snowflake - then what? stores will be overstocked on products and i don't think anyone wants that. i also don't want anyone to feel that the 12 tags are marketing motivated because they've never been. the 12 tags started out as a way to give back to the people who have supported me all year and more importantly, a way for me to share my love for the holidays. i know this has turned into a frenzy all it's own and i'm blessed for that - we all are, but it's still important that i don't lose sight of why i'm doing them in the first place. i enjoy challenging myself creatively by doing the tags each night before i post them (which i've done the past 3 years since they started). i love the excitement i feel when i have to finish each tag by midnight as eager people from all over the world wait to see it the moment it goes live. half of the fun is getting people inspired and challenge themselves to use what supplies they have. it's also wonderful that stores are just as excited each day trying to gather up products in their stores and plan workshops and make & takes to share with their customers. i understand that every once in a while there is that odd product that nobody expects me to use - even me, but it is what it is. i feel that by committing to products now, i'm not only limiting myself creatively on what i would actually want to use and design, but it takes the magic out of this and i don't want to give that magic up. honestly, i have no idea what i'm going to create this year, and i don't know exactly what products i'll be using, but i do know this - that in the end everyone will have enjoyed the 12 tags of christmas again - including me...
i hope you understand...tim

uhhh...WE LOVE HIM!!!!

Check out his blog each day, and stop on in for a few TH supplies to complete your tags.  We'd love to see some tags done by our very own customers!  In fact, bring your completed tag/s into The Scrapbook Store anytime before December 22nd and we will have a little contest.  We'll have judges from our store choose the top two tags and those lucky winners will receive a $25.00 (first prize) and $15.00 (second prize) gift certificate!  We will also feature the winning tags on our blog and website!  You may use any product, but at least 25% of the pruduct has to be Tim Holtz.  We're so excited to see what you come up with!


  1. This totally ROCKS! I am super excited about this - I can't wait to see what our customers come up with!

  2. Very exciting! Love Tim's projects and products!

  3. Ok, saw the 1st Tag and looks awesome ... now off to The Scrapbook Store after work to pick up my new products! I cannot wait to get started!!

  4. Cool! I'm amazed by that first tag. I'm not usually that artsy/painty/misty/43-steps to a tag kind of a girl, but amazing! I want to copy it! Can't wait to see what the customers do!