Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Raining Product!!

The product from CHA is beginning to pour into the store.  I've been getting emails upon emails letting me know that orders are being shipped...and we're soooo excited!!  Below is a few lines that we just got in. Sorry for the picture quality.  I forgot my camera, so these were taken via cel phone.  Keep checking back to see the latest and greatest!!

 Ever After - by Pebbles...this is just a partial view of the line.  There's so much more to it you have to see!!

American Crafts - Campy Trails - This is the cutest camping line to come along since Bella Blvds. Camped Out line.  There are tons of papers and embellishments to choose from!
American Crafts - Celebration line.  This is such a fun, bright line, with lots of glitter...and I LOVE glitter!!
Three Bugs - April Showers is adorable.  This picture really doesn't due it justice.  I was sold when I saw those cute little boots!!  There are many more papers in this line - you'll have to come on in and see!
The following are some collections we got in from Reminisce!
And my personal favorite......Can you say "THICKERS"??  We have TONS of new thickers, all different sizes, colors and styles!!!  I need one of each!!

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