Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It's time to share something we are really super excited about...SMASH!  It's a new product from EK Success.  While this was released at winter CHA, they grossly underestimated the huge demand for the new product.  We will be getting in the product as it becomes available, and we have also pre-ordered new add-ons to the original!  We plan to keep this stocked as much as we can and as it is available. 

A little bit about SMASH...
There are so many ideas that you can do with our SMASH books.  I personally like the idea of a little journal/scrapbook that I can carry around with me - adding memorabilia, etc. on the go!  All of the accessories and trinkets make it so much fun to work with.  Everything you need to create a masterpiece all your own, right down to the adhesive and journaling pen!  This is a great idea from a customer:

You know when you hear a song you used to love and you are instantly transported to that summer in college when you did nothing but waitress and cruise around with friends? Or the old songs that your mom used to listen to that remind you so much of her? How about that track you listen to over and over again, because the artist was clearly speaking directly to you. I want to create a visual (and audio) record of that so I can flip through it whenever I'm feeling sentimental.

I'm going to stick in old photos and images, write down fave lyrics, clip concert ticket stubs and maybe even put in some torn-out magazine pages of interviews my most beloved bands have done. I think I'm even going to store the songs on a flash drive and slip them into a SMASH pocket

Take a look at a few pics - you're gonna love this!!

Another note:  This super-fun line came in from Jillibean Soup - Watermelon Gazpacho

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