Monday, November 21, 2011

So many Events and Krops!!!!

As many of you know, we have many, many events and krops here at The Scrapbook Store.  Take a look at some of the fun we have...

Earlier this month, we were so happy to host the Fiskateer Krop.  Fiskateers from all over the state came to krop and meet each other.  Everyone had a good time, including us!  Check out that banner in the was fabulous, made by Kelly Starsky

Love it...
this had to take hours to make!!
SO, this was our first on-site weekend krop.  It was a huge success, so much so, that we are already planning the next one!  Keep checking those emails!  The dates will be announced soon!!  We had 40 women and it was a total blast, with prizes, make and takes, contests and awesome food!!
our make and take area
We have krops every Friday night (excluding the 2nd Friday) from 4-midnight.  Cost is $10 and includes dinner and 10% off purchases for the evening.  Every 2nd Saturday we have our All-day Krops from 9am - midnight.  Cost is $45 and includes lunch, dinner, make and takes, door prizes, discounts, and grand prizes!  Speaking of lunch and Suzie...
Suzie is our awesome caterer!  Soooooo many people ask for her recipes, so we decided to post them.  Check out Suzie's blog here for all those yummy recipes...and we'll keep adding to the delicious list!

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  1. oooh, look...I'm famous! Thanks for letting us crash at your store. We had such a fun day. And that banner? only took a couple of epidsodes of Grey's Anatomy! Happy Thanksgiving! Kelly (and the Fiskateers)