Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Krop Info

We had so much fun this past weekend during our weekend Krop!  We have great meals, snacks, hourly give aways, grand prizes every night, games lots of laughs, and make and takes.  This weekend we made a mini book using Bella Blve. Christmas Wishes collection.  Since some of the ladies decided to take the kits along with them, I promised to post instructions and photos.  So, here they are.  If you would like a kit to put this cute little book together, call us and we can save you one.  Cost:  $15

If you would like to join us for one of our weekend krops, we have one coming up...check out our website here for details!!

12 Days of Christmas Mini Chip Book Instructions from Weekend Krop

Note:  we will put covers and pages together and embellish last- also, be sure to make holes in the pages first before adding any borders or embellishments, so they do not run into the holes.  Use the front cover as a template for the hole placement.

·         Front cover – Use red checked paper and cover chipboard

·         Page one – cover with red cardstock

·         Page two – adhere red cardstock for page two to the dotted paper for page three

·         Page four-adhere dotted paper to yellow cardstock to create pages four and five

·         Page six – adhere to chipboard

·         Page seven - adhere green tiny dot paper to other side of chipboard

·         Page eight – adhere green tiny dot paper to red checked paper to create page 9

·         Page ten – adhere red checked paper to green cardstock to create page eleven

·         Page twelve – adhere green cardstock to last piece of chipboard

·         Back cover – add red checked paper to create back cover

·         Add rings


Note: be sure to add liquid glue to all chipboard – also, I outlined all of the numbers to make them pop.  You can also ink all edges in brown and add ribbon to the rings for added touches.

·         Front cover – cut and add present sticker first.  Add chipboard tree, making sure to add liquid glue, and hang it about half off of the right edge.  Sand the Christmas title lightly and glue with liquid glue.  Lay this out first to get accurate spacing.  Add title 12 days using the alfa stickers.  I colored the lettering with a  brown marker.  Add the work “of” to title.

·         Page one and two – add yellow strip as shown.  Add striped strips, lining up so it is even on both sides.  Add photo mattes as shown.   Add stickers and chipboard, popping up the present and tree stickers.

·         Page three and four – add photo mattes as shown.  Add “remember when” sticker and bracket sticker as shown.   Add chipboard and stickers and threaded button as shown.  Add trees as shown, popping up a tree on each page.

·         Page five and six – place striped sticker border as shown.  Add green dotted border as shown.  Add photo mattes and embellishments as shown, popping up the present sticker.

·         Page seven and eight – adhere red checked paper on bottom edge of pages as shown.  Add tree/present border to checked strip as shown. Add stickers and chipboard as shown.

·         Page nine and ten – adhere green dotted triangles first.  Add photo mattes as shown.  Add stickers and chipboard as shown, popping up the green dotted scallop and penguin.

·         Page eleven and twelve – adhere photo mounts first.  Add chipboard and stickers as shown.

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  1. This is so cool!! Obviously it's been quite some time since you did this project, but you wouldn't happen to a kit leftover would you?