Thursday, March 17, 2011

May Arts Ribbon and Ranger Products are Here!!

We've been so busy getting ready for our annual Weekend Krop, and with much more to do, this will be a super short post.  We have TONS of awesome door prizes, goody bags and grand prizes!  Yep, we have a grand prize for every night!!!  This event filled in two and a half weeks and we want to say thanks to everyone and we'll see you tomorrow!!

We have Ribbon!!!!!  A bunch of the newest ribbons from May Arts!  They are beeeeuutiful!!!
Here's a peek...
 And, can you say Stickles????!!!!????  Anyone that knows Angie and I know how much we just love the glitz...and we know you do too.  So we have TONs of new colors!!!

 We even have distressed Stickles...(sounds a little like an oxymoron to me, but whatever)
 And Ice Stickles - super dooper sparkely...
I'm telling you, every day it's like Christmas here at The Scrapbook Store!!!

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