Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's so Hard to Say Goodbye...

She has been with the Scrapbook Store since the doors opened in 1997, and it's so hard to believe that this morning, she left for Atlanta, Georgia, what would become her new home.  For me, although I have known her for 8 1/2 years now, it seems like we only really began to know each other since Angie and I bought the store last September.  I'm so happy that she will be starting a new chapter with the move, and yet so sad because I feel like a part of the store and and a great new friendship will be so missed.  We've shared laughs, crys, and a few secrets that I will carry with me forever. I know our employees and customers will miss her as well, as she was one of the best instructors we have.  

I just want to say Thank You, Gail, for your dedication, loyalty and friendship.  We wish you and Paul the best of luck always.  We do, however, expect you to come on back for some events...I'm still working on getting your "boyfriend" to visit us and I will not give up!!

The following are pics of our final krop together...

 We Love You Tons!!!