Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Krops Just Got Better!!

As you may already know, we have so many krops to choose from here at The Scrapbook Store.  Our Breakfast Krops are totally FREE and include a light breakfast!  Breakfast krops are every Monday and Wednesday from 9am until 3 pm.  You can sign up for any krops up to three months in advance!

Kroppin Time is every Friday night (excluding the second Friday) from 4pm until midnight.  The cost is only $10.00 and INCLUDES dinner!!! Plus, you get 10% off of all purchases for the evening!  Each month we also offer Kroppin Time on a Saturday in addition to the Friday night krops - the cost is the same, and if you'd like, you can come to both and leave your supplies overnight for your convenience.

Every second Saturday we have our All-Day Krops.  This is a very popular krop each month.  The cost is $45.00 and includes a goodie bag for everyone, several door prizes, 3 cute make and takes, a grand prize, and a fabulous lunch and dinner catered by Susie Lovas - the best chef we know!  You also receive 10% off your entire purchases for the day!

And, who said scrapbooking is for girls???  Certainly not Wayne, our first man ever to krop in our classroom.  We had a great time with he and his wife, Andrea, at one of our recent krops!  Thanks, Wayne, for putting up with all us ladies!  We sure hope you join us again!

We have a few additions to our krop room as well.  Here is our new photo kiosk.  If you're in a pinch, just bring in your photo card, or disc, and you can edit and print your own pictures with our photo printer with high-quality photo paper.  This is also available for your journalling!

We have a new Cricut Expressions machine available for your use, along with several cartridges!  All you need to bring is your mat (or we sell them here).  We also have an original Cricut if you'd rather use the smaller model.  We also have available for your use, the Cuddlebug, Epic 6 and Revolution die cutting system, so you don't have to lug your own.  While we do have some dies for your use, it is recommended that you also bring along a few of your own.  As always, we also have 2 Accucut die cut machines along with tons of dies for you to choose from!

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