Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Brand New Company!!!

The CHA stuff continues to pour into The Scrapbook Store! 

We happened to come across this brand spankin' new company and their lines are wonderful!!!   Trinity is a new company with a wonderful idea!  Everytime you buy product from them, be sure to save the little "rewards" triangle on the bottom portion of their products.   You will soon be able to redeem them and recieve free stuff!!  It's kind of like those boxtop rewards and we think it's a great idea!!  So you get free stuff AND a great product!  Check out these two new lines...

Surf N Swim

Making the Team

Dear Lizzy - Neapolitan
it's also here

...and Little Black Dress
is adorable from Basic Grey!

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  1. ooooh...little black dress was on my wish list...I'll be in soon