Sunday, October 3, 2010


I only have time for a quick post tonight since I am thoroughly exhausted and need sleep!!!  I spent the weekend washing and moving paper racks...a gruelling task, I might add.  Thanks to Morgan, Donna, Alyssa, Penny and Sara for the help this weekend.  You gals are the best.  So, we have good news and bad news.....

Good news:  Look at these rockin' classroom chairs!!!  40 very comfy chairs for our rather large classroom...(pics are in the near future.  Right now it is storage for paper racks).  Thanks to Gail who volunteered to put these puppies together...we'll see how many she can do..hee hee.

Good news:  This is a picture of ...well, you'll have to wait and see.  Can I just say, it's a beautiful creation by Angie.
OK... here's the bad news story:  This is Tom (that's not the bad news).  Tom is our computer geek (also our Donna's hubby).  Tom looks happy in this picture.  Tom is faking that smile because our computer system is a nightmare right now.  Tom spent hours at the store tonight trying to get things working.  Tom could not get the cash drawer to pop open for hours (neither could Mike nor Eddie yesterday).  Tom finally got the drawer to pop, but then couldn't get it to close.  Tom is Awesome.  I have faith in Tom, and we will triumph!!!  The End!
One final note:  Does anyone out there want to buy a paper rack or two or three or more??  They are metal 12x12 paper racks that have 20 spaces each.  They're super sturdy and are stackable.  Cost is $50.00 for one and $80.00 for two.  If you are interested, email us at !

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  1. Hi girls. Sorry about the computer troubles. Nothing that I can think of right now frustrates me more than electronics that don't work how they're supposed to. I'm glad you have Tom around! When's the grand opening? I'm keeping my schedule open for it! :) Miss you all, and wish I were there to help Gail put together those chairs.