Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kick-butt Classroom!!

This is not the best video...had to use my phone, but this is what Alyssa, Sue, Rhonda and I were doing tonight.  192 table legs screwed into 48 classroom tables!  How efficient are we??

And here is a quick look at the classroom, that will comfortably seat 48 scrapbookers...can't wait.  Check back tomorrow for big announcement!


  1. Oh my!!!,that classroom is great,thanks to all the girls who help put chairs and tables together. Thanks Beth and Angie,for thinking so much about your customers and staff,to get nothing but the best you guys are great!!!!!!!!!!

  2. looks great - can't wait to use it!!! when's the first Friday night crop?

  3. Wow...What a great room can't wait for the grand opening.