Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long Journey...HUGE Success!!!!

If someone would have told me three months ago that I would be a business partner with Angie Krohn and we would be owners of The Scrapbook Store, the oldest scrapbook store (and the best) in the midwest, I would have said they were crazy. 
But here we are...after a lot of hard work by so many people, tons of sweat and a few tears, but no blood (that I'm aware of at least), our store is finished!  Of course, to us it will always be a work in progress, since we will continue to change things up a bit to keep things fresh and new.  We will continuously be adding the latest and greatest ideas, techniques, classes and inventory to our creation.
When I stand back and look the store, I still can't believe where we are from where we started.  Bob Krohn and his crew, did a fabulous job as you can see...just look at the transformation:

Our retro kitchen!

And the crowd went wild!!
Debbie thought it appropriate to have a ribbon cutting ceremony, so that's just what we did.  At 10am, Saturday the 23rd of October, Angie and I cut the ribbon, unlocked the doors, and got out of the way!  Here are some pictures of the line outside the doors, the ribbon cutting and the opening of the doors;
Since we had such a great staff at the previous store, we decided to keep them on.  Here are a couple of ole' timers at The Scrapbook Store;
The day was filled with food, shopping, make and takes and door prizes!
And while the ladies did all that, the guys hung out watching the game in the man cave for hours...
...or six, like this guy!  What a trooper!
The cake was beautiful, even thought it was gone before Angie and I got a piece.  We got it from here.  She makes any cake with any decoration you'd like!
We do appologize for the loooonngg lines!  We thought we would be busy on our opening, but we never could have prepared for this and we truly appreciate your understanding;
If you did not have time to stand in line, please come back and visit again!  And if you did make it through, we thank you and invite you to come back and check out our new arrivals!!  New packages are arriving almost daily!!  Here's a peak of new Webster's Pages;
AND...Here's something fun;

The first reactions to our Scrapbook Store were very welcomed from you, our loyal customers, and we are forever greatful!

Just go ahead and read some of the awesome comments we found on facebook;

Flo Mielcarek What a Grand Grand Opening! Had a blast on Saturday - the make and take's were great and the food was so appreciated since I spent over 3 hours there! Can't wait to use the wonderful classroom facilities! Thanks!

Katie Wilinski Dynek Had an amazing time to cropping in all the excitment! To Angie & Beth, as well as everyone that helped today YOU GUYS DID GREAT! Can't wait to take so classes!!

SueAnne Beecher Love the new store. Beth and Angie and everyone that helped with all the work getting ready for today did such a fabulous job. The colors and aches make it so inviting. The crop room is so big and roomie. Had a great time there today scrapp'n and enjoying all the fun. The layout makes it so easy to find just the righ...t paper with matching embellishments. Everyone wearing the same shirt with the store logo was a great idea. Wish I could just move in and stay. Thanks ladies.

Luanne Heil Congrats on the Grand Opening! I was there and the store looks awesome and had some great fun stuff in it.

Olga H. Ludena Congratulations, everything was wonderful, proof of that... I was in the shop 6 hours, cozy and elegant decor, I liked the idea of the cave man, my father enjoyed the corner, a lovely service and all the girls who work in the store were willing to help and if I needed anything they were always there, I loved the unifor...ms they looked so pretty please you need to sale the t-shirts, even enjoy waiting in line an hour to pay, gave me a chance to meet several very nice ladies I got stamping techniques. the draw was very charming, the microphone was perfect so we could hear from all areas, it was like being among friends, I was part of their history ... I was the first to enter after they cut the ribbons, the most amusing part... After all the hours at the shop I was trying to go home and turned on the car, we left the keys inside and the doors locked,and Angie ( one of the shop owners) solved the problem, with all the personal attention I received I will return again and again. ready to attend classes, thank you, God always bless you for offering a place to relieve the stresses of work.


  1. Yay! So glad it was a success. :)

  2. I literally have tears in my eyes after reading this...I'm so proud of you girls! I love that The Scrapbook Store lives on in you, and I have the highest confidence that you'll continue to make it fresh, new, and happening! I'm crazy excited to go there! I really want to go when Tyler can come so I can take off and crop there, but if it's not going to work out with him soon, I'll just have to come alone. You got a pack-n-play in that retro kitchen?! :) Love you girls! All of you!